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VOTR Affiliate Tournaments


Dirty Toes Grass Doubles


June 10th and 11th
Men's and Women's Saturday
Jrs and Adult Coed Sunday


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Major Tournaments & Events

• Volley4Charity
Mid February every year. 5 Coed (1 women's) Rotating Pairs Tournaments at The Island & Oasis, 100% of registration fees & auction money raised goes towards 2 charities, The Joshua School for Autism & The Children's Diabetes Foundation www.Volley4Charity.com

• Beach Bash Doubles Sand
 @ The Island www.BeachBashDoubles.com

• Beach Bash Doubles Grass
@ Washington & Harvard Gulch Park www.BeachBashDoubles.com

• Steamboat Doubles

• Mile High Trips

• Mile High Juniors

• Snowmass Doubles

• Breckenridge Doubles

• Oasis Classic Doubles

• Fraser Valley Doubles


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Tournament Competition Guidelines


Island/Oasis Tournament Directors always have final say on site day of the tournament

Injuries are not fun for anyone, especially the person who gets hurt. If a player gets hurt at anytime after the first game of the tournament is complete their team is no longer considered in the tournament. All games played in pool play will no longer count, if pool play is not completed. If this happens during bracket play the team is removed from the bracket, all games completed will count in the bracket. If a bracket game is not completed the other team will receivea forfeit win. 


If a team forfeits out of a bracket play game, for any reason, their next opponent gets a forfeit win. Teams already beaten by this team still record a loss and cannot advance if already knocked out or knocked to the losers bracket do not assume the winners spot.


 Tie Breakers

Tie in same pool when all teams advance:
2 team tie 1) Head to Head
3 team tie 1) Head to Head 2) Point difference in head to head games to break out #1, revert to head to head to seed #2 and #3
Tie for seed in different pools when all teams advance:
1) Win percentage 2) Overall point differencial


Tournament Directors will always try to give as much volleyball as possible. This all depends on number of courts and timing.

  For King/Queen guidelines please go to coloradowinterbeachseries.com 


Tournament Formats:

• Coed 4x4 Rotating Pairs Tournament. These tournaments are a great way to meet and play with teams of all levels. The format is simple and more importantly fun! You will sign up with a coed partner and play coed 4's all night, but you keep the same partner and rotate which couple you play with and against. Generally teams will play 8-11 games over a 5-6 hour time frame.

• Coed, Women’s or Men’s 2x2: The are 2x2 doubles tournaments. You sign up with your own partner for the best suited division of your skill level. We generally run pool play where you will play everyone within your pool 1-2 games apiece. There is an elimination bracket that follows pool play to determine thwinners and prizes.

• King/ Queen of the Beach: These tournaments, you do not sign up with a partner. Typically they run 4 hours, where you get 9 games of 2x2 games in. Great way to meet other players of similar skill level, especially new players to Denver.

I have read through the new event guidelines put out by the state and have combined it with our facility policies. The good news is it’s possible to have events again. The bad news is it will be hard, there will be very strict rules to follow, and it will cost more to have the party at the Oasis than the original agreement states. The additional cost will be based on number of attendees and include additional staffing/cleaning products/set up/tear down. Please know that additional cost is all based on hard cost that will be incurred to follow these strict guidelines, the Oasis would love to host your event but cannot without following these guidelines. Below I have a breakdown of all the things we will need to do, you will need to do, and guest will need to do. I encourage you to read through and discuss whether your group wants to move forward or not. If your group wants to move forward we will need to set up a phone call to go through details so I can get you the additional costs. If your group does not want to move forward I will process a refund for the deposit.



Contact The Oasis

The Oasis
2400 W. Midway Blvd.,
Broomfield, CO 80020
Phone: 303-466-1760
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Web: oasisvolleyball.com
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The Island
2233 S. Geneva St.,
Denver, CO 80247
Phone: 303-745-2255
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: islandbeachvolleyball.com
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Contact VOTR

Volleyball of the Rockies
2233 S. Geneva St.,
Denver, CO 80247
Phone: 303-745-2255
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: votr.com
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