The VOTR Showdown: Island vs. Oasis

Over the years our company has loved seeing competition grow into the community we have today. As tournament directors, VOTR Staff, and in the volleyball community overall we have always wondered who would win if we had an Oasis vs. Island tournament...

We are excited to announce our 2nd annual VOTR Showdown. This is a Division 1 4's tournament with teams from both VOTR facilities playing against each other to be crowned champion!

Tournament Overview:
• 4 teams in the upper D1 EOS at the Oasis and the Island will earn a bid
• 4 wild card spots will be awarded upon roster approval (2 per facility)*
The Oasis will host the 2nd Showdown on January 27th, 2024 starting at 1PM, with the finals scheduled for around 7

Bid Teams:
• The winning team from each EOS throughout the year will receive a bid to the Showdown (4 in total: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Sessions)
• Teams will not be allowed to earn multiple bids. If a team wins an EOS tournament but has already earned a bid, the bid will trickle down to the 2nd place team from that EOS.
• Each member of the team must actively play in a league at the given facility.
• The bid will stay with the captain
• At least 2 members of the team that won the bid in the EOS tournament will be required to play in the Showdown (If your team is unable to do so your spot will be given up)

Wild Card Qualifier:
• Wild Card Qualifier tournament will be the week before the Showdown (Saturday, January 20th, 2024 at the Oasis)
• Captains must register for the Wild Card Qualifier on VolleyballLife
• Each member of the team must actively play in a league at the given facility
• The top 2 teams from each facility will receive a Wild Card Spot*

Please check back here for more specific details about the Qualifier Tournament

• The tournament will switch facilities each year. Each facility will be represented by 6 teams. The tournament will be pool play into bracket. Top 4 from each side will advance into an 8 team bracket. Pool play will be a single set. Bracket will be match play. For the single elimination bracket we will keep the two facilities separate until the finals when Oasis and Island meet!*
• Additionally, each team will be guaranteed a full match against the opposing facility. (5th and 6th place teams from the Island pool that do not make the bracket will play a match against the other 5th and 6th place teams from the Oasis pool. i.e. 5v5 & 6v6. These games are consolation games and won't impact the outcome of bracket play) Losers of the first round of bracket will also be matched up against the opposing facility and play a consolation match. Losers of the second round of bracket will play a match for third place before the finals. *
• $160 per team
• Winning team will bring home the Showdown Trophy to their facility for one year! First place will receive $500. Second place will receive $300. Third place will receive VOTR/Facility gear.

Past Results:
2022 Facility Winner - Oasis
1st Place: Oasis- Gage, Saana, Damon, Tara
2nd Place: Island- Colin, Michael, Renata, Cat
3rd Place: Oasis- Lars, Isaac, Kianna, Jackie
4th Place: Island- Kevin, Patch, Ashli, Megan
Tied for 5th Place: Oasis- Alejandro, Brad, Christina, Andrea & Oasis- Michael, Erin, Elysse, Johnny
Tied for 7th Place: Island- Will, Rhett, Mary, Kayla & Island- Travis, Bree, Lyndsay, Jeff
9th Place: Oasis - Bryce, Jim, Katie, Lindsey
10th Place: Island - Wade, Robb, Kiaya, Renee
11th Place: Tyler, Paul, Darcey, Liz
12th Place: Chance, Jon, Aimee, Kelly

Oasis won 6 out of the 6 crossover matches.

* Tournament format subject to change

Please direct any questions to Allegra (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)